Throughout its history, Temple Beth-El has maintained a philosophy of extending warmth and hospitality to all in the community who choose to enter our doors. We honor and respect all members of our congregational and communal families, Jewish and non-Jewish, and we welcome all to join together with us in worship, study and service.

A policy was developed by committee and adopted by our Board of Trustees that defines the roles for both Jewish and non-Jewish members and visitors. It is our congregation’s guiding principle to offer membership and privileges of that membership to Jewish families, including non-Jewish partners in that family. This policy is in keeping with our basic identity as a Jewish house of worship and study:

“The Constitution of Temple Beth-El includes that the unit of membership shall be defined as the family, consisting of one Jewish adult or two adult partners, one whom is Jewish, and all dependent children. The non-Jewish partner of an interfaith family shall be considered a member should he or she so desire, and shall be welcomed to share in the fellowship of the congregation…”

The full policy statement addresses questions related to the governance of Temple Beth-El, our ritual policies, and educational opportunities for all of our members. A diversity of backgrounds and ideas is of value to our congregational family. Therefore while maintaining our age-old covenant with God, we reach out and welcome all those who would join with us to enhance our collective closeness and growth.

For more information on the participation of non-Jews in our synagogue, please contact Amy Rubin, our Executive Director. We look forward to seeing you at our services and events.