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Hebrew is the common language of all Jews and an integral part of any Jewish educational program. The focus on Hebrew at Temple Beth-El is primarily on the language of the prayerbook, to enable our students to have a meaningful worship experience, and secondarily on the spoken language of modern Israel, to assist them in active language production.


The curriculum emphasizes decoding skills, vocabulary acquisition, and basic grammar. Students learn to read and write Hebrew, and study basic Hebrew grammar and the concept of roots and related vocabulary. They learn the meaning of key prayers in the Friday evening and Shabbat morning services, and to read and chant these prayers. Torah trope (cantillation) is taught in Grade 6.


Afternoon Hebrew School meets on Monday and Wednesday from 4:30 to 6:30 PM. The specific weekday assigned to each child is determined through our registration process, where family preference and school class sizes are taken into account.


To learn more about our Hebrew School program, please contact Education Co-Director Sarah Gluck at or 908-722-0674 x113.